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Raquel is an organizer and community advocate 

I’m Raquel Terán and I’m officially running to represent Arizona’s 3rd district in Congress. In 2006, as I witnessed anti-immigrant sentiment and legislation gaining momentum in Arizona, I started organizing in our community with Mi Familia Vota. My deep belief in democracy, equality, fairness and family is as strong today as it was then. 


That’s why I organized to oppose the notorious SB 1070 “show me your papers” racial-profiling law. 


It’s why I ran for the Arizona House and why I was proud to serve in the Arizona State Senate, where I fought every day to make it easier to get ahead and provide for our families, by investing in our schools, making our neighborhoods safe, and bringing good jobs back to the district.


And it’s why I brought together a coalition of Democrats and Republicans, union members, educators, and youth activists to take on former Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Donald Trump.


Last year, with our democracy under assault, I brought our coalition together once again to reject GOP extremists like Kari Lake and elect a Democratic Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General for the first time in decades. That’s the power we can harness when we come together with a vision of Arizona that includes all of us.

I’ve spent my career organizing in our community for higher wages for our workers, affordable health care for our families, and better schools for our children. I’ve taken on far-right extremist bullies, and won. And now I’m running to continue advocating for our community. Together, we're going to make history when we elect the first Latina to represent Arizona in Congress!

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