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In AZ-3 Debate, Terán Slams Ansari for Accepting Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars from GOP and MAGA Contributors

Teran: We can’t have another Kyrsten Sinema

PHOENIX, AZ – Former State Senator and Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party Raquel Terán at Wednesday’s AZ-3 primary debate blasted her primary opponent Yassamin Ansari for receiving nearly $200,000 in direct contributions from donors to Trump, GOP candidates, and GOP PACs.

Ansari’s top donors in the race for Arizona’s 3rd congressional district — totaling nearly $200,000 — have contributed over $13 million to federal Republican candidates and federal Republican PACs, including over $700,000 to former President Donald Trump. 

“What we can't trust is that Councilwoman Ansari has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from MAGA donors who have bankrolled Donald Trump and anti-abortion extremists,” said Terán. “And unfortunately, we have gone through this process before where we had Kyrsten Sinema who went on to the Senate and ended up caving to the GOP donors. You can trust me to make sure that we protect our abortion access and reproductive freedoms.”

Ansari has even accepted a double max contribution from Hushang Ansary, a longtime GOP donor and Trump supporter convicted of defrauding policyholders of ENNIA of more than $500 million. Other notable maximum donors to Ansari include Jerry Colangelo, a former owner of the Phoenix Suns and NBA executive who has contributed over $15,000 to Donald Trump.

A full memo containing Ansari’s GOP donors can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, Raquel Terán holds true to her progressive values and record, pushing back on dangerous MAGA politicians. In the state legislature, Terán worked to expand access to healthcare, protect our access to safe, legal abortion, and promote economic opportunities for working- and middle-class families (SB1575, SB1506, SB1570). Under Raquel’s leadership at the state Democratic party, Arizona Democrats won historic victories to protect democracy. Raquel is the only candidate in this race endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Reproductive Freedom for All, and U.S. Senator Mark Kelly. 



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